EMI Reduction Spread Spectrum Clock Oscillator
A Drop-in Replacement Solution for Your EMI / EMC Compliance Problem.

The principle sources of the EMI problems come from the system clocks. Therefore, rather
than patching the problem with ferrite beads, EMI filters, ground plane and metal shielding,
the most efficient and economical way to reduce the peak radiation energy is to use a spread
spectrum clock oscillator.

Compared with a conventional clock oscillator, Comtecīs CSS series spread spectrum (dithered)
clock oscillator can reduce EMI as much as -12dB.

The beauty is that it is a drop-in replacement for your existing 5x7 mm or 5x3.2 mm clock oscillator
and therefore there is no need to re-spin the board.
Spread Spectrum Clock (CSS):

Unlike a conventional clock, the mode energy of a spread spectrum clock is spread over a wider
bandwidth, resulting from the frequency modulation technique.

The modulation carrier frequency is in the KHz range which makes the modulation process
transparent to the oscillator frequency.

The controlled modulation process can be all on one side of the nominal frequency (down spread)
or 50% higher and 50% lower ( center spread ) than the nomial frequency.

Down spread is preferred if over-clocking is a problem to the system.
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